Michael De Silva

I make your journey more beautiful and unique.

Over the years, I was able to experience unique moments and to develop growth strategies especially in digital marketing. This hospitality experience has deeply influenced how I think about my work. Regardless of industry - I infuse guest-centric, experiential thinking and a touch of magic into my work and culture.


I have continued to expand my suite of offerings to service a broader set of lifestyle industries including theatres, film industry, consumer electronics, hospitality and fashion

My recipe for branding is one part science and one part art.

I find the right strategy using well-mined insights, and take that knowledge into our “black box” where the design magic is made.


Working with emerging and transforming brands and helping them articulate their place in the market is a point of pride for me. I use my archetype branding methodology to dig deep into a brand’s meaning and to build resonance with customers.

Michael De Silva

Creative, Branding & Photography